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How to Receive Your Marriage License in Minnesota:​ 

You can apply for a Minnesota marriage license at any county Registrar in Minnesota (contact info is below) and then use it in any county in Minnesota         

o The two of you go together to the County Registrar (contact info is below)        

o Both of you show your driver's licenses        

o Fill out the form         

o Pay the fee, usually $100         

o There is no longer a 5 day waiting period in the State of MN.


Special cases. Usually, all you need is your ID (usually your driver's license), but there are special cases.
          o The most common requirement is the one applying to divorcees. If you've been divorced, you'll need a copy of a divorce decree and be ready to list the date, county and state of the divorce
          o If you are a widow or widower, you need the date of the death of your spouse, but no paperwork is needed
          o If either applicant is under 18 you may need a parent to come with you
          o If one of the applicants has a criminal felony conviction, the waiting period is 30 days, instead of the usual 5-day waiting period

    * Once you get your marriage license, bring it to your wedding on your wedding day to be signed by the officiant and two witnesses 

          Once you receive the Minnesota marriage license, you may have your wedding immediately. Just make sure to bring your license to the wedding ceremony.

    * Note that you don't have to be a Minnesota resident to get a Minnesota marriage license

   Is a blood test required to get your Minnesota marriage license?

    * No, a blood test is not required in the state of Minnesota. Years ago, people were so worried about hereditary blood diseases that the state instituted blood tests to screen out potential problems. The practices is now obsolete, and Minnesota, being a progressive state, has done away with the requirement.



Hennepin County marriage license

Each county has special rules for obtaining your marriage license.In Hennepin County, the special rules are:

  • Both parties must apply for the license together

  • Hennepin County prints out and gives you the license immediately instead of mailing it to you (the 5-day waiting period still applies, though)

  • Hennepin County Service Centers tend to be very busy, so to ensure service, I recommend that you arrive at least one hour before closing


Note: you do not have to be a MN resident to get a MN marriage license.


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(please write "Wedding" in subject line)

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