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As a minister of the Universal Life Church, I believe all should follow their own spiritual path. I officiate at weddings and commitment ceremonies for people of all faiths––or none. I also celebrate naming ceremonies, blessings, and events to mark all stages of life, from birth to death.

Prepare/Enrich Pre-marriage Classes
Commitment Ceremonies
Dedications ​
Bilingual English-Spanish ceremonies
Passing of Life Rituals,
      at home, at time of death, in hospital, graveside,)
Speaking Engagements
Liberation Theology
Interfaith Spirituality
Spiritual Reflections

Many people today feel distant from religion or faith communities. Planning a life event such as marriage is a step toward finding common spiritual beliefs, whether that is secular or with a faith community. I believe that all paths are valid but it is important to share an understanding of your beliefs with your partner. In the planning of a ceremony we can explore those beliefs to make your wedding speak to what is important to you.


I have an MA in Theology from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota.
My ongoing studies focus on World Spiritualities.
I am a Catholic by choice, however I support all peoples' personal journeys. Because of my Catholic background in liturgy, I have a good sense of how to do meaningful ritual.

612 229-6471               

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