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Marriage Preparation

 Prepare & Enriched Certified
  • Marriage preparation classes in Couples or group settings
  • Based on computer inventory assessing couples strengths and possible areas of growth.
  • Customized assessment to particular marriage situation: first marriage, married before with or without children, interfaith, etc.
  • Exploration of issues of:    
conflict resolution
personal stress areas
expectations of roles
family models
money and finances
beliefs and religion
children, step children
sexual expectations, etc.



This class fulfils the marriage preparation which applies to the MN Marriage License Fee.


Patricia Klucas

Pastoral Minister
Universal Life Church
MA in Theology, St Catherine University
Prepare & Enrich Certified Facilitator

612 229-6471

(please write "Wedding" in subject line)

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   Journey together as one/Together as one


Public speaking:

  • Interfaith Issues and Comparative Religions

  • Pilgrimage Practices in many faiths and in our personal journey

  • Guided retreats & Reflections

  • Liberation Theology / "Just" Living

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