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Some one recently asked me, "Why did you start doing weddings?"

I guess this is a good place the begin by journey.

Being a born & bred Catholic, I developed a deep desire to do ritual which bring people to a place that is sacred, a place that steps outside the normal part of life and expresses a rich meaning shared by all who participate. Being a woman, that meant stepping outside the box of my upbringing as Catholic.

As I watched my daughter and son-in-law getting married, presided by a friend of theirs, I realized this may be the way. I can do this. And I can serve whom I choose, not bound by anyone's rules except my own guiding principles.

I am thoroughly over-educated with a Master of Arts in Theology from St Catherine University--a theology department that breeds free thinking women willing to question ideas, especially in the realms of God-thought. I did not want to be tied to a classroom, but yet I need to express my self, creatively, in a way that will touch others lives, and create meaning.

This path I have chosen gives me freedom to do something important for others. All are Welcome!

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