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Weddings on the Road

Road Tripping

I like to travel. Road trips are a time of discovery and grasping my history. That is why my range for officiating weddings stretches across Minnesota and Wisconsin and sometimes Iowa. I’d even consider South Dakota because I have roots there. It may cost me a little more but I figure the travel is a perk I’m willing to pay for.

As kids, we thought it said Cho-ki-o, and Sha-kai-o was the next town
This is the house my Dad grew up in.
Grtandma & Grandpa's

The last wedding I did took me within 50 miles of my Dad’s hometown—the town I knew as Grandpa and Grandma's.

It makes me feel rooted in my life when I can go back to these “homes of my kin.” Some part of me came from this place. I am much more secure in helping couple’s begin their stories together when I know my own story.

It didn't look like this back then.
Grandpa was the Depot Agent


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