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Nerf Gun Wedding

Making a serious loving commitment takes much thought and valuable time talking about what this commitment means. But, a big part of that commitment is having fun together. Being playful together opens the door to spontaneity which is part of what a successful marriage needs to stay alive. With spontaneity you learn to be flexible.

In one of my favorite weddings this year, the bride and groom posed for their pictures with Nerf guns.It was so much fun to watch them bring this playfulness into what was a pretty much straight forward wedding.

Flexibility was the operative statement in this wedding. The couple live in Minnesota and got married in Wisconsin. When we signed the wedding certificate, it didn’t occur to me that they had gotten their license in Minnesota. Two days after the wedding I got a call from Ramsey County (St Paul, MN) from a clerk who asked me if I knew that they needed to get married in Minnesota when using a Minnesota license. (I do now!). So, the clerk was very helpful in telling us what we needed to do and sending us new forms.

I just had to pronounce them husband and wife someplace in Minnesota and have witnesses sign the document. We decided to meet at a coffee shop that I knew would have fun with this. So they got married in a coffee shop with the staff as their witnesses. They were given free food and drinks to celebrate. It is a wedding I will never forget!


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